Small Business Saturday 2024

Spend £15 at Local Businesses around Oxford on Saturday 3rd Feb and the JCR will reimburse you £5.

January and February are some of the hardest months for local businesses. Many will find it hard to make a profit at this time of year and lots will be forced to close. We’re lucky to have such a variety of independent businesses right on our doorstep. Small Business Saturday is a chance to shop somewhere new, buy a locally-produced gift for someone special, or treat yourself to something that’s normally a little out of your budget.

How It Works

1) Visit as many independent businesses as you like, and spend at least £15 in total. 

Try to visit somewhere you’ve never shopped at before! See below for what counts and the exceptions. 

2) Get a receipt from each place that you visit.

It must be a physical or emailed receipt and needs to show the amount you spent, and the name of the business.

3) Submit a photo of each receipt to the form here within a week, along with your bank details.

Deadline: Friday 9th Feb. You’ll need to provide bank details of a UK bank account. (SSO required)

4) The JCR will reimburse you £5.

We’ll be in touch if there’s any issues!

5) Share and recommend where you went if you had a positive experience!

Some Important Points!

  • You can only be reimbursed a maximum of £5, even if you spend more than £15.
  • You’ll need to submit a photo of a physical receipt for each purchase.
  • You don’t have to spend £15 all at one shop or business. It can be spread across several. 
  • Kebab vans, street vendors, pop-up market stalls and Najars* are excluded.
  • The only independent pub in central Oxford is the White Rabbit. 
  • This scheme is only available to members of Lincoln JCR (that’s those in years 1-3).

*Najars doesn’t do receipts.

What counts as an Independent Business?

The whole point of this project is to help support the livelihoods directly of people who run shops and businesses around Oxford. The money you spend should be going towards supporting the lives of the people serving you and making your experience great. 

An independent, local business is one that doesn’t exist out of Oxfordshire. Generally, this means a business that isn’t a chain and only has one location. Think Covered Market shops; smaller cafes towards the Magdalen end of High Street; and the restaurants along Cowley road. If you’ve seen it in another city, then it can’t count for Small Business Saturday!

What Doesn't Count?

  • Kebab Vans
  • Temporary Stalls, Street Vendors and Najars. 
  • Pubs and Bars*
  • Blackwells (Whilst originally from Oxford, it’s now expanded across the UK and is now owned by Waterstones!)

*The only exception is The White Rabbit. It’s one of the only independent pubs in Oxford and we’d hate to lose it! We encourage you to try their amazing pizzas though rather than just spending it on Alcohol if you can though. 

Some of Our Favourites!

Gulp Fiction

A cute little half bookshop, half cafe; with a free hot drink with most books. Great for book recommendations and usually a very similar price to Waterstones!

~ Covered Market

The Oxford Soap Company

The Oxford Soap Company does an amazing selection of candles, soaps and bathbombs. Mother’s day is the first Sunday of Easter Vac! Maybe one less thing to think about in a hectic 8th week!

~ Covered Market.

Brother's Cafe

A half-greek, half-italian spot serving some amazing fresh food. The Souvlaki is 10/10. Super friendly staff who love to chat too.

~ Covered Market.

Any questions, please get in touch