Vacproj (the Vacation Project) is Lincoln’s charity.


Every summer, VacProj organises two holidays for 32 children aged 7-12 from underprivileged backgrounds. Each holiday is based at a beautiful Victorian house near High Wycombe, just half an hour from Oxford but a world away from the children’s home lives. The holidays involve a range of activities and visits including ice skating, bowling, Whipsnade Zoo, Legoland and Chessington World of Adventures. Each week aims to offer the children fun, new and memorable experiences, combined with a break from the pressures of home. This year we will also be going on a day drip with a group of young carers.

All of the children selected for VacProj are involved with Social Services in Oxford, and usually around half of the children are also on the Child Protection Register. They come from a diverse range of backgrounds but all are disadvantaged in some way, so really enjoy a fun week away!

Each week is run by 12 leaders from all years of the JCR and is great fun for all involved. There are various events that all of college can get involved with throughout the year, including the midterm VacProj bop, drinks evenings and the Auction of Promises.


The continued success of VacProj since 1971 has only been possible due to the generosity of all our supporters, helping us raise over £24,000 each year to fund the holidays. All our donors are highly appreciated – our sincerest thanks for your support!