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Welcome to the new JCR Website! The JCR serves as a college-level student union responsible for events, Welfare, and making student ideas come to life. Got an idea that you want to make happen? Get in touch with our Executive Committee below or come along to a JCR meeting!

At Lincoln

JCR Democracy

The JCR holds regular meetings where all JCR members are able to raise issues and vote on various topics. 

Download the Updated Really-Useful-Info-Page

Download the Really-Useful-Info-Page full of important contacts, timings and more! Also includes opening hours for Jake’s favourite Oxford libraries… Perfect to print out for your pinboard!

Alternatively, fill out this form for a free printed copy to appear in your pidge within 7 term days. 

Feedback on the JCR?

For current students: let us know your suggestions, ideas, feedback and comments on the JCR. Either speak to your favourite committee member or fill out the anonymous form here!

What's On at Lincoln?

Event not on the calendar? Email the JCR Secretary to add it in. Click ‘+ Google Calendar’ in the bottom right corner to add this calendar to your personal calendar so you don’t miss upcoming events!

Our JCR Officers

The ten JCR Officers keep the JCR afloat, with a variety of roles from President and Treasurer all the way to Welfare Officers and Entertainment Chair. The team is also supported by an ever-growing wider committee covering all aspects of Lincoln life. The positions are filled through JCR-wide elections with some roles elected in Michaelmas term and some in Trinity.

Fi Townsley

Patrick Quaife
Vice President

Nick Kandratsenka

Defne Pamucku

Will Longtin
Academic Affairs

Hetty Bieber
Environment and Ethics Rep

Nathan Patel
Access and Outreach

Georgi Filipov

Hazel Kenny

Chris Paton
Entz Chair


The Entertainment Committee (known as ‘Entz’), organises many of the Lincoln College JCR events. From BOPs to Black Tie Drinks, from Crewdates to Carving Pumpkins – we will organise whatever the Undergraduates want to do. 

Current Entz Team:
Chris Paton (Chair)
Ella Davies (Treasurer)
Ardal Rooney
Charlotte Hadfield
Annabel Ruckledge
Harry Bridgewater
Kath Simms

Our JCR Teams!

Our JCR is run by a team of almost 50 people! There’s a role for everyone and everyone’s encouraged to get involved. Alongside our Officers Team and Entz Team, we have 4 other Teams responsible for different aspects of Lincoln life.

Welfare Working Group

Welfare Officer: Georgi Filipov
Welfare Officer: Hazel Kenny

LGBTQIA+ Reps: Bea Keady & Zoe Adams
Gender Rep:  Alice Bradshaw
CRED Rep: Mariyah Saddique
Disabilities Rep: Felix Cripps
International Students’ Reps: Rebecca Wong & Manali Patil
Social Backgrounds Rep: Ashley Wang

Lincoln Unites President: [Vacant!]

Operations Team

VP (Chair): Patrick Quaife

Arts Rep: Kath Simms & Fi Townsley
Sports Rep: Rabbi Sharif
Revue Rep: [Vacant!]
Stash Rep: Patrick Quaife
War Minister: Thomas Ancill
Cookie Fairies: Heather Christie & Thaleesha Iynkaren
Steak Fairies: Archie Turner & Phoebe Briggs-Mould
Marmite Fairies: Hannah Newman & Emma Landon
Honorary Archivists: Thomas Britton & George Ramsey
Yearbook Rep: Steph Stankard and Hannah Newman
Keeper of the College Tortoise: Jess Hind

Sustainability Team

Environment and Ethics Officer: Hetty Bieber

Charities Rep: Sahil Shah
Food Rep: Joy Sidhom
Bicycle Rep: [Vacant]

Inreach and Outreach Relations Team

Access and Outreach Officer: Nathan Patel
Academic Affairs Officer: Will Longtin
1427 President (Alumni Rep): Joseph Mayhew-Millard
Website Manager: Jake Palmer
The Imp Editor: Emanuel Radici

Ball President: Zoe Adams
Independent Chair and Returning Officer: Jay Austen