IT Services and Printing

Mike White ( and Pete Good are Lincoln’s IT Manager and Officer.

There are two main WiFi networks: OWL and Eduroam. OWL (Oxford Wireless LAN) is restricted to the University and is primarily aimed at visitors whereas Eduroam is a pan-European network for students, staff and fellows.

Connect to Eduroam

Connect to a wireless (or the wired) network (use OWL and ignore the login prompts)

Go to and log in using your SSO/Nexus credentials.

Click on the Self-Registration link on the left side of the page

Click on Register for a Remote Access Account and set a password. Note the time at which the account will become active.

Once the Remote Access account has activated go to

Click on the download link at the bottom of the page and select University of Oxford as your home institution.

Download and run the appropriate installer – make sure you select the correct Android/Other OS link.

Connect to the Eduroam network and enter your username in the form linc1234@OX.AC.UK (note the uppercase). Enter the Remote Access password and you will be able to connect to Eduroam. This connection will work throughout Oxford.

College rules and acceptable use policies. See and for details. The network may be monitored to maintain compliance with these regulations.  


The College IT rooms are located in Lincoln House for undergrads and in Bear Lane and the EPA Centre (on SC28) for graduates. Each has a number of general-purpose PCs along with printers. Your username for this system will be the same as your SSO but the password will be different (see separate sheet). If you do not yet have an account and there is no attached sheet, please drop by the IT Office and we will happily create one for you. Please note that food and drinks are not permitted in the IT rooms: seriously, who wants to try and work surrounded by someone else’s old burger boxes and stale coffee? Please don’t install software on these PCs. You will notice that network cables in these rooms are orange: if you have, by some bizarre coincidence, brought an orange cable with you please bring it to us and we will exchange it for one of another colour.


As well as the black and white printers in the IT rooms there is also a printer in the Little Clarendon St building, one in 56 St John’s St and a colour printer/scanner in the Library basement. An A4 page costs 5p per sheet in black and white, a colour page is 20p. A3 pages are double the A4 prices. For undergraduates College will underwrite the first £50 of printing costs; for graduates this will be the first £100 – anything in excess of these figures will be added to battels at the end of the year. You are responsible for keeping an eye on your printing totals; a figure on the web interface page will let you check how many pages you have printed. Paper for the printers may be collected from the College Office or Porters’ Lodge.

You can print directly to any of these printers from anywhere with a network connection. Rather than connecting to a printer directly; just point a web browser at and login using your Lincoln username and password.


You will automatically be allocated the standard University email address above (this format is the same for everyone at Oxford but if there is a problem with the address above please give us a call) and a Single Sign-on account (generally called an SSO) which will allow you access to most University IT services. You may also have an email address in the form; if you do have two email addresses don’t worry, email sent to either address will go to the same inbox. You should already have full instructions on activating your account; please see one of us if not. Make sure you have set up a security question which will allow you to reset your password should you forget it! You can access your email using a web interface via or connect via a client email program such as Outlook, Thunderbird etc. or a mobile device (for configuration details see You can tweak your preferred email settings from the Nexus web interface or via You should receive regular news updates throughout term from either the JCR or MCR via their mailing lists; if you haven’t seen anything after a couple of days please check with the IT Office that you are properly subscribed.

Pay Phones

Each area of College has a communal phone for occasional use. Calls to anywhere within the University telephone network are free but, on the off-chance that you need to use these phones to call elsewhere, you will need to buy a calling card: any 0800-number card will do – check the local newsagents for best deals. Note you need to dial 9 to get an outside line. You are welcome to use Skype or any other messaging/calling program although University rules insist that you only have Skype running when you are actually using it. Please do not have it constantly running on your laptop.