JCR Democracy

What is the JCR?

The JCR is Lincoln’s mini student union. We represent undergraduates at college and university.

JCR Meetings are held on Sundays in 2nd, 5th and 8th Week, and all undergraduates are strongly encouraged to attend, as a number of issues are decided here that affect undergraduate life at Lincoln. In particular, it is in these meetings that the JCR decides how to spend its budget.

The Lincoln JCR Committee has you covered. Whether you want help with housing, need to talk about work, have a desire to declare war on another college or would simply like a cookie, there is always someone able to assist! The JCR is run by students for students: we want to hear your ideas and suggestions on how to improve the JCR. New ideas can be raised at the regular JCR meetings or you can email the JCR President directly.

JCR: A Dummy's Guide

This guide was produced by our Independent Chair and President in Summer 2022 and later updated by their successors in 2023. It details the key roles of the JCR and useful information and examples on how to write a motion. For more information, contact the Independent Chair.

Constitution and Budget

Though often overlooked, the JCR constitution and budget are a very important part of the Undergraduates’ politics. Our constitution defines JCR roles amongst many other important aspects, and the budget is provided for complete transparency. For more information about JCR finances, contact the JCR Treasurer.

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