Welcome to the page where you can find Lincoln JCR’s environmental and sustainability projects, as well as information for day-to-day sustainable practice in college.

For much of your environmental queries, the Environment and Waste Guide should answer your questions.

Progress this Academic Year (2022-2023)

College employed a Sustainability co-ordinator Peter Nitsche-Whitfield (found at to help with making the infrastructure and general workings of college more sustainable. He has worked closely with the JCR Environment and Ethics Rep.

Moves were made to improve recycling rates with the Recycling Scheme run by the JCR and MCR student reps – details found in Lincoln above. There have been discussions as to improving its effectiveness and aims between the Student Reps and leadership in college. This work is still undergoing. Learn more about the scheme here.

KeepCups, were made available to JCR members at a discount (£8) through cooperation between the Development office and JCR rep. This was done in an attempt to reduce wastage with the many coffee cups consumed by students. These were a great success with only a couple left by the final term of this academic year.

An energy audit was organised for college that provided valuable data informing plans for the future. Additionally, EcoSync ( technology was installed in Lincoln House and Staircase 15 to reduce energy consumption on individual levels and enabling a central system to ensure empty rooms are not being unnecessarily heated. Feedback is being sought after from the students in order to make sure College continues to recognise the impact on student lives, especially if there are problems.

Lincoln’s submission for the National Green Impact Scheme ( has been worked through by the JCR E&E Rep, Sustainability Co-Ordinator, Project Assistant, and Head Gardener. This not only puts college in the running for an award but also structures future progress and generates ideas and actions to improve engagement, sustainability, and biodiversity. Last year, Lincoln was awarded with a Silver.

Uni Participation

Lincoln has a good record for participating in the NUS Student Switch-Off. This is a not-for-profit organisation aiming to reduce the energy wastage and overall use in university residences. Oxford organised an internal competition and Lincoln won a cash prize.

We have also had good participation in the Students for Sustainability Quiz of Michaelmas 2023 with Lincoln taking the lead out of all Oxford Colleges.

Bi-termly meetings with all E&E Reps of the university are held in each academic year. The Lincoln JCR Rep makes sure to attend, and contributes to discussions on Student Union activities, college co-operation, and/or ideas for new projects. There is also uni-wide communication between these student reps consistently.

The Student Union have a great resource recently developed called the Sustainability Hub ( It contains lots of information on individual sustainability, political action, and societies at Oxford which you can all get involved with. Here can be found a college progress tracker based on the SU’s demands released in the 22/23 academic year.

Contact Hetty Bieber, Environment and Ethics officer for Lincoln, with any questions or queries at

Useful Links

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