Useful College Contacts

Porters' Lodge

Main Site: 01865 279800 (

Museum Road Lodge: 01865 282475 (

Academic Queries (First go to your tutor!)

Dr Lydia Matthews, Senior Tutor. (

Dr Rose Newman, Academic Registrar. (

Health & Welfare Queries

Rev. Dr Andrew Shamel, Chaplain & Welfare Coordinator. (

Ms. Lisa Stokes-King, Student Support Advisor. (

Dr Jody LaPorte, Harassment Advisor. (

Prof. Dominic Vella, Harassment Advisor. (

Financial Support and Hardship Queries

Mr. Alex Spain, Bursar. (

Accounts and Battels Queries

Ms. Claire Riseley. (

Accommodation Queries

Ms. Annaliese Griffiss, Accommodation Services Manager. (

IT Queries

Mike White, IT Manager. (

Library Queries:

Lucy Matheson, Librarian. (

Marina Sotiriou, Assistant Librarian. (