Laundry rooms are located in each accommodation site. On main site, the laundry room is in the basement of staircase 8 (chapel quad). The Lincoln House/staircase 15 laundry room is on the middle floor of staircase 15, opposite room 12.

When you arrive at Lincoln, you will need to collect a laundry card from porters lodge that you’ll need to top up online. At the time of writing, these cards are free to collect. In the newer machines (in staircase 8 and Mitre) it is possible to just use your phone instead of the top-up card.

Circuit ( operates laundromat facilities and you can top-up your card online with a minimum top-up payment of £5. A wash costs £2 and the dryer £1.50. 

Irons are available to borrow from the Lodge although some laundry rooms have ones already. Ironing boards are also available to borrow; they can be found in the laundry rooms or nearby.

First Time Doing Laundry? Don't Panic!

Here’s some top tips to do your laundry at Lincoln for the first time!

  1. Separate out dark or colour intensive items and wash them separately – a bright coloured towel can tint white socks!
  2. Buy some laundry pods – you can use detergent but it’s super easy just to buy laundry detergent pods: you just chuck one in (or two if very dirty). Their coating dissolves in hot water and you don’t need to add anything else.
  3. For a standard wash, use the default options of Eco with 40°C Bright Colours. This wash takes 35 minutes.
  4. To dry, use the Perm Press setting and this will take about 50 minutes. Clear out the lint tray before you wash – it will be full of fluff from the last wash! Your items will come out about 95% dry so it’s worth airing them for a short period in your room before you put them away.

Especially in Winter, we highly recommend that you use the dryers rather than air drying in your room – it’ll stop your room from getting damp!

If there’s an issue with a Laundromat machine, you can report it using the usual maintenance report form from the Quicklinks tab in the menu above.