Do not try to fix items that have malfunctioned in your room or common areas.


Maintenance issues should be reported online through the link in the Quicklinks section of the menu above. In the case of a severe emergency (eg a flood or major power outage) you can go straight to porters.

The College’s Maintenance Team, headed by the Clerk of Works, is responsible for the repair and upkeep of the College’s premises. The maintenance team will do its best to respond as quickly as possible to maintenance requests, but please be aware that they are prioritised based on urgency, and an overflowing toilet would take precedence over a lightbulb needing to be replaced! The college does have a team of specialists who can sort most issues swiftly but occasionally external services may need to be brought in which can take longer. 

Students are not insured to tamper with College electrical circuits and equipment (including light bulbs) or plumbing, so please do not attempt to fix items that have malfunctioned.

Do NOT use Cooking or Heating Appliances in your Rooms

All cooking appliances such as rice cookers, toasters and panini makers are strictly forbidden in bedrooms. The only exception is that kettles are permitted (avoid placing your kettle underneath your smoke detector though). 

Electric heaters are also prohibited as are mains powered fairy lights (battery powered are fine). 

Scouts have been instructed to confiscate items that break these rules. You will need to contact Domestic Bursary (speak to Porters first) to collect a confiscated item. Confiscated items not collected over vacations may be disposed of.